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Super 7 Videos. These are some of our favorites!

Super 7 videos

Motorsport videos
This was in our very first production car that Andrew drove all the way home
to Ottawa
Caterham Super 7 "Hayabusa" test drive.
Driving TV Feature on Super 7
We were featured on the very first TV program done for Global TV by Ten Crows Driving TV. This was our Prototype "Hayabusa" car.
Super 7 video
Our own promotional video, produced for us by Cedarwood Productions
My son Jolyon and his friend take a Super 7 "Hayabusa" for a little country drive...GREAT Video!
Two guys having fun!
Dagmar Metcalf was the perfect host for our "Hayabusa" car test drive as she is a very accomplished Motor Cycle rider and proved that you can be a real "girl" and have fun in one of our cars
Driving TV Intro

This was taken by a spectator at turn one.
Knox Mountain Hill Climb.
This short Video taken by Ian sitting in the stands. My very first car race in 30 years in a stock "Hayabusa" Super 7. Into the lead by the 3rd corner...amazing!
A couple of laps later and look at the lead! I LOVE the sound of that "Hayabusa" reving upto 10,500rpm!
Mission 2
This video really shows an expert at how to drive a Super 7 on an Autotest. You don't need ultimate speed to have fun!
Chris Evans
Morgan Mansfield going down the main straight at Portland. Max revs in each gear!
Andrew in his Super 7 "Hayabusa" on a track day. Also in this video is Daniel in another our our cars
My buddy Hans around the Ring in a BMW M3-GTR. The very best example of how to drive
BMW M3-GTR at the Ring

Other Caterham Super 7 Videos
"Mad Sunday" on the Isle of Man during the TT races by two Caterham Super 7s. Amazing how much quicker a Caterham is compared to a Super Bike!
Mad Sunday
..and you think driving a REAL car is difficult!
Radio control drifting